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Testing and Inspection

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All Electrical Installations require periodic testing to ensure the wiring and components have not deteriated with age or useage. The person responsible for the property is required to ensure its safety, this can be the owner, the building user or an appointed person responsible for maintenance.

An EICR Electrical Installation Condition Report will provide you with a full report of the condition of the installation.

Regulations are continually being updated, not all new regulations are retrospective, but the report is a way of monitoring the current condition of your electrical installation.

The EICR is a requirement for the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, Landlords whom let their properties and insurance companies also require this before providing insurances.

Frequencies of inspections vary dependant on property types.

  • Domestic 10 years or change of tenancy in the case of letting

  • Commercial 5 years

  • Industrial 3 Years

  • Marinas 1 Year

  • Caravans/Carvan Parks 1 Year

  • Restaurants/Pubs 5 Years

Testing must be carried out by qualified persons, using calibrated test equipment, we also use validating certification software to ensure compliance.


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