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LED Lighting is now leading the way, old fluorescent, tungsten, discharge style lamps being replaced with lower energy LED lamp sources. Some of which can be retrofitted but the many requiring a fitting change.

Why upgrade, Why change, LED lighting offers the same benefits with the addition of brighter lighting, instant on, mutliple switching without degradation, far superior lamp life and more improtantly when current stocks of the regular lamps are exhausted the lights will be obsolete. Most importantly once upgraded, the running costs are far lower providing a payback on your investment, no servicing or re-lamping required.

We offer a full lighting design service, using Relux to calculate lighting levels in accordance with CIBSE requirements, we can provide emergency lighting in accordance with BS5266.

As important to getting the light levels correct for the environment, lighting control is equally important, providing sensors will reduce the energy costs, switching on only when required. different methods of detections can be applied.

  • Presence - Switching on when occupied

  • Absence - Switching the lighting on manually but automatically switching off when the area is unoccupied

  • Daylight Control - Dimming the lighting or switching the lighting off to match the current daylight in an area

  • Corridor Function - Lighting dims down to a preset when the area is unoccupied giving security to persons entering the area, upon doing so ramps up to full brightness.

We can also offer smart lighting control, providing for scene setting in all applications such like Bars, Restaurants and hotels as well as your front room or kitchen if required.


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