We design, specify and install high definition video distribution systems for residential and commercial applications. Our systems can then be tied in with home control systems for ease of use. We have been installing structured wiring for home and commercial use for many years and we make good use of Power Over Ethernet & HD Base T technologies for home control and video distribution.

We can deliver high definition video from a variety of sources to however many television sets you require allowing you to watch a film or use a games console wherever you are in the house. We offer fully integrated solutions with home automation systems or stand alone distribution systems depending on your requirements.

Multi Room Video Distribution

HD Video Distribution Benefits

  • Watch Sky, Blu-Ray, DVD etc on any of your TV's or projectors throughout your property
  • Safely store your video equipment out of sight
  • Deliver audio from TV to ceiling speakers
  • Media Servers store all of your DVD's, Music & Blu-rays for playback on any TV
  • HDMI distributed over inexpensive Cat 6 wiring
  • Fully integratable with control systems such as Elan G! and RTI. Makes choosing and playing video sources as easy as pressing one button.

Commercial Applications

Our systems are also perfect for commercial applications such as pubs, function rooms, hotels, offices etc! For instance, why have sports or music videos showing on just one TV in your pub, restaurant or club when you can show it on multiple TV's around the establishment with just one Sky box! Why not integrate your restaurants lighting and more into a simple to use control system making opening and closing a one button process?