Lumley Farmhouse Kitchen Lighting Control
Walker Electrical Services are experts at design and installation of lighting control for residential and commercial applications. Our systems range from four zone kitchens utilizing Lutron Graphic Eyes to large houses with 70+ Clipsal C-Bus controlled lighting circuits. Our systems can make use of presence and absence detection, daylight sensors and timers to take control over your lighting, meaning you don't have to.

What can be achieved with lighting control installation?

  • Preset scenes recalled at the touch of a button
  • Master "all on" and "all off" keys
  • Holiday mode which automatically switches lights on and off giving the impression that you are still home
  • Automatic pathway lighting (i.e to light the way to the bathroom at night)
  • Timed Lighting Events (i.e automatically turn on external lights when it gets dark etc)
  • Remote control options via ipad, iphone
  • Easy to use for all of the family and visitors alike - we design our systems to be simple with no instruction needed.
  • Integration with home control systems, in-wall touch pads, remotes etc
Lighting Control
We will work with you and program the lighting to suit your exact requirements with the aim of achieving an efficient, easy to operate system that works just how you want it to. If your needs change in the future or you want to achieve something different with your lighting scenes we can simply re-program the system and create a completely different effect.