Electric Car Charging Stations

31 May 2012, Comments 0

In 2012/2013 almost every leading car manufacturer in the world will launch at least one plug-in electric vehicle (EV) into the market, with many manufacturers such as Renault, Mercedez Benz, BMW and Ford launching multiple EV models to both the private and commercial sectors.

With reduced running costs and the initial purchase cost ever decreasing, electric powered cars are going to become more and more common in the near future. With electric cars comes a requirement for electric charging stations for home, work and out and about.

Walker Electrical Services (UK) Ltd offer a complete service to provide charging stations for all locations from the leading manufacturer of EV solutions, Rolec.

Charging Station Range


How We Can Help


Walker Electrical Services can help with all EV electric charging station installations for home, at work or for public use. With “free to use” and “pay to use” (options including smart card, token and coin payments) solutions available, we can also arrange for corporate colours and branding for larger projects.

Contact us on 023 9234 8723 and we will be happy to provide you with a quotation for both commercial and domestic installations.

Ideal Charging Locations


Ideal charging locations include: At home; offices, factories and most workplaces; Car Parks; Sports and leisure venues; Hotels & Restaurants; High Streets; Retail Shopping Malls; Service Stations; Airports; seaports and railway stations; And many, many more…

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